Social Media

What you need to know.


Social media marketing has a great track record for creating leads for service companies like Chem-Dry. Some of our clients tell us they get a lot of leads just from Facebook.  Others say Facebook is great for brand awareness, but they don’t see a lot of leads from Facebook alone.

Social media has some long term benefits that you may not be aware of or track.  In a recent study I was reading, people who like your Facebook page and start following you may not do business with you for a year. If you are planning on quick lead generation as soon as you start social media marketing, you may be disappointed.  Social media marketing is more about building brand awareness in your area than quick lead generation.

When you think about the things you purchase you will usually go to the businesses you are familiar with.  When is the last time, you thought something like, “I really need a burger for dinner, let me go to Facebook and see where I should go?”  Most likely, you have never done this. Why, because there are places you are familiar with and when you think “Burger” you think about your favorite place to get a burger. If you did see an ad or a post about a delicious looking burger, and a coupon for that burger, then there is a high probability that you would decide to use that coupon and go get a burger, especially if you are familiar with that business.

Ok, so burgers don’t have anything to do carpet cleaning, I get that, but the point is, you shop what you know. You may also want to concider that you should be Facebook posting religiously to get your name out there.  You can also show before and after photos or course, but if you really wanted to get the word out, you could take a picture with every client who would let you and give them a shout out and tag them in the photo saying “Another Happy Chem-Dry Customer” or something along those lines. Tagging them in the photo let’s their friends see it too.

Leveraging businesses and business owners.

Next time you clean the carpet for a business in your area, try to get a picture with you and the business owner and on your Facebook page mention something like: “We just cleaned the carpets for 123 Sporting Goods. If you ever need camping equipment or a tune-up for your bicycle, come see 123 Sporting goods.  They are wonderful to work with. 


First of all, doing this will allow the people who follow you on Facebook to see that you are “IN” when it comes to some of the community movers and shakers.  Two, doing this will encourage those same business owners to recommend you for the things you do.

In summary, Social Media shouldn’t be considered a once a month activity or a flash in the pan.  Social Media is a constant process for raising brand awareness, interacting in your community and even placing ads and boosting posts on a regular basis.  At WMS, we will also run quarterly contests to spread the word to those who may not be following you.  Think long term when it comes to Social Media Marketing and don’t give up to quickly.  It’s a process that will pay off in the long run.