How SEO, PPC, and Internet Marketing Work Together

Despite what others may tell you, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is not all there is to online marketing.  SEO and PPC are just two of the tools that can be used in an internet marketing campaign.  There are many other marketing channels to consider. There are some who may believe that once they sign up for an SEO service their phone should start ringing.  The truth is it can take several months in some cases to gain first page listings, even when your search engine optimization specialists are as good as we are. Even once an individual or business lands first page rankings they may or may not start getting calls. There are two other factors to consider:

  1. When someone comes to your website, does your website make them want to call you?
  2. If you provide services like carpet cleaning or cabinet restoration, do people recognize your company name and trust you to come into their home?

Let’s look at these two thoughts in more detail. 1) If someone visits your site and they are not calling you or requesting more information then you may want to take time to look at your website content to see what areas you could improve to encourage visitors to pick up that phone and call.  The way you set up your website can make all the difference. These updates to your site could be things like making sure you phone number is easy to find.  Make sure you have some kind of offer on your site that people see.  Add phrases like “Satisfaction Guaranteed”. These are just a few ideas to consider. 2) If you provide services like carpet cleaning or cabinet restoration and you are going to be in someone’s home, then having your company name affiliated with feelings of trust, kindness, friendliness, and respectability is very important. In order to help potential customers feel comfortable calling you, you will need to make sure you are building feelings of trust in your community.

SEO Ideas

If potential clients trust you and recognize your company name they will be more inclined call and book an appointment.

  There are many ways to build trust, some of them more expensive than others.  In any case this part of marketing is called building “Brand Awareness” this simply means creating a marketing campaign that will help people recognize your company name when they see it.  Building brand awareness is more about a broad marketing approach. A more expensive way to build awareness in your company would be to run Television Ads.  These are expensive to create and to air, but can be affective for letting a lot of people know who you are. There are other broad marketing mediums you already know too.  These marketing mediums would be those like radio and newspaper. These can be more costly than other marketing mediums, but are good for building brand awareness. There are other branding / marketing strategies to consider that will likely be less expensive.  These strategies include:

  • Door Hangers
  • Door Knocking
  • Business / Chamber Networking Events
  • Sponsoring Local Events (I.e. Golf Tournaments, East Egg Hunts, High School Sporting Events etc.)

When it comes to building brand awareness through internet marketing channels, there isn’t anything much better than good ole’ social media.  Social media marketing is categorized under internet marketing, but is separate from Search Engine Marketing. Social media marketing is can be broken down into three different sections. These sections are paid media, earned media and owned media.

Paid Marketing Earned Marketing Owned
Post Boosts Shares Posts
Cost Per Impressions Reposts Pages
Cost Per Click Mentions & Reviews Directory Listings

  We will go into more detail about these various forms of paid and free social media marketing strategies in a different post, but for now, let’s just say that social media marketing is another channel of internet marketing that can help you engage your customers. More importantly, search engines do monitor sites like Facebook and Twitter to see if people on these sites and others like them are sharing links to your site and talking about your products or services.  The more that people share links about your products and services the better you will rank on search engines.  So SEO can also depend on how involved your company is in the social media arena. If you don’t have a Facebook page for your business, you really should get one, and once you have a page created for your business, you should be actively engaged on the page with your followers. Businesses that actively engage with their followers and subscribers generally get more followers and subscribers.


Search Engine Optimization is not a magic bullet that is going to guarantee financial success.  SEO is important because you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to sell your products and services to those looking for them online. Pay Per Click is the same way.  PPC is a great way to virtually guarantee fist page rankings and bring visitors to your website, however, once the visitor comes to your website via PPC or Organic Search Results, a good landing page that converts visitors to leads is important. Social media and other non-marketing strategies are also important because it helps build brand awareness.  Brand awareness should also include a marketing plan aimed at building trust in your company, so that when people do find you online, they recognize your company, trust your company, and have good feelings about your company. A good digital marketing campaign should include Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Non Digital Marketing strategies to build brand awareness, put your website in front of potential customers and convert those customers to leads.