"I just wanted to share some results from a Facebook ad I JUST started running because of the webinar done by WMS last week. I'm not sure who from WMS did the webinar last week on FB advertisting, but I changed up my ad because I loved the idea of "New Year-New Carpet" with a before and after picture. I've spent $18.37 since Feb 18 and have gotten 83 website clicks (see attached screenshot). THAT'S 22 CENTS A CLICK!!!"


"Before we started with your Company, we had hired an SEO that we paid thousands of dollars, and never got anything in return.  They had the wrong phone numbers posted and never fixed anything.  We changed over with your company spring of last year and we saw immediate response...it was like hitting the jackpot in Las Vegas...we were excited and thrilled and always let Nikita know how grateful we are that she is diligent in updating our sites.  We continue to get great service so far.   THANK YOU !!!  "


"I can't say enough about how much I appreciate Nikita and all the work she does for our websites. On top of what she normally does, anything else I have ever asked her to do is done quickly and she is always there to answer any questions I have. Please give her a raise! :)-"


"I have been very pleased with Nathaniel and all he does to keep my web site active for my service areas. He sends me monthly reports letting me know about my site activity as well as constantly creating new pages as well as updating my pages. He is very quick to respond to any of my requests or questions regarding my web pages. Nathaniel has been a pleasure to work with and I appreciate all that he does for me."


"We have been in business for nearly 26 years. Times simply are not as they were financially for us and for most small businesses in this part of the country.After conferring with Nathaniel on a couple of occasions we believed it would be in our best interest to try the WMS program. We had started it a bit earlier than when we began contact with Nathaniel. In dealing directly with Nathaniel, he was super helpful at getting us set up and operating as efficiently as possible. I may add that anytime we happened to have a little "glitch" of some sort in the program, Nathaniel would immediately begin work on rectifying the problem and coming up with a solution for us. He's a great and wonderful asset to HRI in our opinion and should be commended for his hard work and ethics."